Asphalt Repair

Potholes often occur when moisture penetrates cracks in the asphalt surface of a road or driveway. Cold weather freezes the water and causes it to expand, the pothole forms when dirt and gravel is forced out leaving a hole. The ice eventually melts and the stressed asphalt becomes a pothole.

Seal Stripe Pave is fully equipped to fix asphalt and maintain asphalt surfaces in excellent condition. Damaged asphalt is not only visually unappealing, but can also result in damage to vehicles, and increased maintenance costs

Patching is a common asphalt repair on areas of pavement with potholes. Potholes occur when water seeps into pavement through unsealed or improperly sealed cracks. When the water freezes, it expands and enlarges the crack. When the ice under the pavement melts, a void is left. Surrounding pavement falls into the void and forms a pothole.


A part of regular asphalt repair maintenance, crack repair or crack sealing. Depending on the width of the cracks, hot asphalt or rubberized cold pour crack filler can be used to limit water intrusion and subsequent degradation of the asphalt. Usually this process would be done prior to sealing the overall area.


Seal Stripe Pave offers different pothole and asphalt repair including:

  • Sawcut full depth repair
  • Milling full depth repair
  • Overlay repair
  • Temporary plugging
  • Winter mix temporary repair

We take great pride in our asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair work. Our Atlanta asphalt repair experts will do the job right the first time. As asphalt wears over time it will start to crack and line stripes will fade away. We are experts at asphalt repair and maintenance. We repair and maintain curbs, asphalt drains, asphalt cracks, asphalt stripes, and more.


Subsequent to asphalt resurfacing and curing, it is recommended that the new surface be sealcoated. Sealcoating limits the overlay’s exposure to the elements and protects the area from gas and oil drippings, sun, salt, and water penetration. Driveway Maintenance recommends sealing the area 9 to 12 months after the asphalt has cured and every 24-36 months thereafter.

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